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What is LANdialler?


LANdialler enables several computers on a LAN (Local Area Network) to share control of a dial up connection to the Internet.

If you have a small home or office network (a LAN) that connects to the Internet via a dial up link on a Linux computer, then LANdialler could be of real use to you. If you haven't got a Linux router yet find out how to set one up. The LANdialler client software should run on most operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

LANdialler is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

How does it work?

LANdialler consists of two programs:

Because the dial up connection is handled by your Linux router your desktop computers can remain safely protected from prying eyes by your router's firewall (assuming you have configured it - if not why not?).

The client and server communicate with one another over the local network through the XML-RPC protocol.


If you find LANdialler useful, have some suggestons for possible new features, or just can't make it work, I'd love to hear about it. Please either drop into the forum, add a feature request or simply email me.